Zomato Chat Support Work From Home Job

CompanyZomato Limited
Job PostCustomer Support Chat Process
Job TypePrivate Job
Salary Range₹19,500- ₹22,000

Graduates and postgraduates looking for work-from-home options can choose from a variety of positions with the food delivery firm Zomato. Customer Support – Chat Process is one of the positions that Zomato fills.

This position entails chatting with customers and responding to their questions and concerns regarding food orders, payments, refunds, etc.

Candidates for this position should be proficient in both Hindi and English communication, as well as able to manage many discussions at once.

The candidates should also meet the minimal requirement of passing the 10th grade or graduating from any university or board that is respected. The monthly payment for this position ranges from ₹ 19,000 to ₹ 22,0`00.

Interested candidates can apply for this post by visiting the official website of Zomato at zomato.com/careers.

How to Get a Work in Zomato Chat Support via Able Jobs

One of the top websites for ordering food online, both in India and internationally, is Zomato. Many services are available, including subscription plans, online ordering, table bookings, and restaurant discovery. Also, Zomato has a specialised customer service staff that responds to questions and grievances from partners and customers.

You might want to think about applying through Able Jobs if you’re seeking work in the Zomato chat support department. Career seekers can use the platform Able Jobs to find suitable positions in a range of industries, including sales, customer service, hospitality, and more. To help you obtain your dream job, Able Jobs offers training, testing, and placement services.

Here are some actions you may do to apply for a job with Able Jobs through the Zomato chat support:

  1. Download the Able Jobs app from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store and register using your information.
  2. Go through the open positions in the Zomato chat support and choose the one that best fits your tastes and skill set.
  3. Do the online assessment test that assesses your aptitude for problem-solving, communication, and customer service.
  4. If you pass the test, Able Jobs or Zomato will call you for an interview within a day.
  5. Review typical queries and circumstances pertaining to chat assistance to get ready for the interview.
  6. Showcase your personality, knowledge, and enthusiasm for working with Zomato at the interview by showing up with confidence.
  7. If the interview goes well, Zomato will send you an offer letter including your compensation, benefits, and joining date. Congrats, 8. You’ve been hired after using Able Jobs’ chat support on Zomato.

Here are some pointers to succeed in the application process:

  • While completing your profile on Able Jobs, be truthful about your credentials and experience.
  • Work on your typing dexterity and speed because chat support requests prompt, error-free responses.
  • Before applying for a position, learn about Zomato’s policies, practices, and core principles.
  • When communicating with customers via chat support, be kind, professional, and sympathetic.

Anyone who enjoys cooking and helping others may find a fulfilling career working as a chat support executive at Zomato. With Zomato, you may take advantage of flexible work schedules, alluring rewards, educational possibilities, and a stimulating work environment.

So why are you still waiting? Prepare to join the Zomato family by applying right away through Able Jobs!


  1. I am student of btech aerospace in iimt university meerut. I want to do part time job work from home by Zomato platform .

  2. I’m a zomato delivery partner at ongole. I want join zomato flat form to join chat support. work from home.i getting married. Please as soon as possible. Support us.
    Thank you

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