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Reviews Rudra the edge of darkness review staring Ajay Devgn, Raashii Khanna, Esha Deol, Aul Kulkarni Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar. How to download Rudra the edge of darkness web series free filmyzilla.

Ajay Devgan- Produced crime web series The Great Indian Murder came on Disney Plus Hotstar on 4 February. Now just a month later, Ajay himself has made his debut as an actor in the web series world with the crime web series Rudra – The Age of Darkness, which was streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar on Friday.

The series of British show Luther is produced by Applause Entertainment in association with BBC Studios, while directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, whose Marathi film Ventilator was a hit and received positive reviews from critics. Rajesh made his debut in cinema as a director with Ferrari Ki Sawaari. Prior to this, he had been working as a co-director in Rajkumar Hirani’s films. Apart from this, he has done a lot of work in the world of advertising films and has made advertisement films for many famous companies.

That is to say, Rajesh, who has been making light-hearted emotional family films till now, has tried his hand in the crime genre for the first time with Rudra – The Age of Darkness. Crime is also not petty, but heinous crimes that cross the limits of humanity. Rajesh Mapuskar has been successful in bringing out the darkness of Rudra and Ajay Devgan has given his full support in this.

Surrounded by his own darkness, Mumbai Police’s Special Cell Unit’s DCP Rudraveer Singh is seen fighting on two fronts in personal and professional life in this web series. Rajesh’s Rudra is completely different from Rohit Shetty’s Singham. Rudra also gets angry, but instead of humans, he gets down on things around him. In this respect, Rudra is more reliable than Dramatic Singham.


Rudra – The Age of Darkness is spread over six episodes of approximately one hour each. Every episode brings with it a new crime story and criminal and with it Rudra’s life also moves forward. Rudra is one of those web series which slowly picks up pace and then by the time the series reaches the last episode, the thrill of mind games going on between the police and criminals grips you.

The titles of the six episodes also give a glimpse into the crime it portrays. For example, the title of the first episode is – Genius Ki Aukaat. The story is about a criminal, Aaliya Chouksi, who believes herself to be a genius and kills her own parents and a dog to prove it.

The murder has been done in such a way that the police do not find any evidence. This is the only resolved case in the entire series. However, the equation between Alia and Rudra is one of the highlights of the entire series. Rudra is unable to find any evidence against Aaliya, but is smitten by her sharp intellect and also takes her help to solve some mystery in the upcoming episodes. Aaliya also gets attracted towards the dark side of Rudra’s personality.

Rudra’s personal life is shattered. Wife Shaila Durrani has gone away from Rudra, who is immersed in catching the criminals. She has an affair with Rajiv Dattani. However, Rudra has not come out of Shaila’s heart. At the same time, Rudra also loves Shaila very much and is trying to bring her back. Aaliya is occasionally seen exploiting Rudra’s confusion for her own pleasure.

The second episode 100 Killers is about a psychological killer who is killing the cops. The third episode of the scapegoat is based on the discovery of a mentally unbalanced but high profile painting artist who considers himself to be a vicious, who also uses blood to make the paintings. He has a hand in the disappearance of many women.

The fourth episode is titled Week Spot. It is about a murderer who avenges his wife’s infidelity by killing innocent girls. The fifth episode is Jabaan Ka Pucca and the sixth one is Torod. The story that started with Rudra’s personal complications in the first episode ends at a painful juncture in his personal life in the last episode. The last episode is the most important and interesting episode of the entire series. The Indian adaptation of the British TV series Luther, Rudra – The Age of Darkness is written by Upen Chauhan and Jai Sheela Bansal. The story of Rudra is set in the backdrop of the city of Mumbai, but in such a way that the city appears to be somewhat different. Commonly displayed Mumbai’s hallmarks are to be found here only to name a few. Seeing Rudra’s Mumbai, it feels somewhat like Batman’s Gotham. Rudra and Alia are the most interesting characters of the series.

Rudra – A police officer who does not hesitate to take the illegal route to save life, due to which suspension and appearing before the Commission of Inquiry have become an integral part of his job, but all this helps him to take criminals to their end. Can’t stop. Ajay is the perfect choice to play Rudra. To play this character which needed emotional intensity and a dark layer, Ajay seems to fit in.

Raashi Khanna in the supporting cast is the pleasant surprise of this series. She finds it interesting to watch on screen and her secretive relationship with Ajay also captivates. Ashwini Kalsekar as Chief of ACU and Ashish Vidyarthi as Joint CP support the story. Atul Kulkarni has done a tremendous job in the character of Rudra’s friend and fellow officer Gautam Navlakha.

In the initial few episodes, the viewer wonders why he has been kept in the series after all, just to ask Rudra that you are okay? However, the way the story takes a turn in the last episodes of the series, Atul Kulkarni’s character stands up parallel to Rudra. Atul’s performance in bringing out the dark and similar layers of Gautam’s character is amazing. Esha Deol Takhtani is right in the role of Rudra’s wife Shaila. At the same time, Satyajit Dubey has also registered his presence in the role of his lover. Another artist that needs to be mentioned here is Tarun Gehlot, who plays Ajay’s junior Prabal Thakur. This series has given Tarun full opportunity to emerge and he also took advantage of this opportunity.

In the character of Rudra’s confidante, Tarun manages to climb into the eyes of the audience. Many actors including Milind Gunaji, Luke Kenny, Rajeev Kachru, Vikram Singh Chauhan, KC Shankar, Hemant Kher appear on episodic basis. The first two episodes of Rudra – The Age of Darkness series move at a slow pace, but the series picks up pace from the third episode and then forces the viewer to binge bach. Rudra – The Age of Darkness is the perfect series for the intense investigative crime drama buffs.

ArtistAjay Devgan, Rashi Khanna, Esha Deol Takhtani, Satyajit Dubey, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tarun Gehlot etc.
The DirectorRajesh Mapuskar
The CreatorApplause Entertainment, BBC Studios.
Platformdisney plus hotstar
PeriodSix episodes of approximately one hour each
Rating*** (three star)

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