3 Best Evergreen Niche Ideas for News Website | Easy to Rank & EverGreen Niche Ideas for Blogging 2022

Hello friends, in this post, I am going to share with you the best 3 Easy to Rank, Evergreen Niche Ideas for News Website. The Niche Ideas will be evergreen for Blogging and making money through Adsense. These niche ideas are among those in which you can work anytime irrespective of season and time. 

News websites have very high competition but if you choose these niches you can easily make your space on google first page.

You can pick any of them for Adsense and start your blogging journey. You also can earn through sponsorship in these niches and they are Easy to Rank.

Tons of websites cover popular news but not all of them cover all news. You have to publish news that is trending in the local region and still untouched by big news websites.

From the following niches, you can easily enter the news website category and but build trust in google eye. When you have built an authority of your website you can slowly move to high traffic news.

Celebrity News Websites

Every day, a new celebrity came into the limelight and got tons of google searches related to their Age, Net worth, Family Relations. Initially, you can make articles on small social media creators and influencers that have the potential to grow in future to get traffic and build authority. Example: Pinkvilla

You can cover the following topics in your Celebrity News Websites:

  • Celebrity Daily Updates
  • Gossips
  • Celebrity Biography
  • Net Worth of Celebrities
  • Current Live Show Updates (Eg, Big Boss, TV Shows)

You can Monetize your Celebrity News Websites through Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, Stock Brokerage Promotion, Movies/Songs promotion.

Sports News Websites

Currently, almost all the news websites have started covering sports news as they have very high search volumes. If you want to make a Sport News website and get traffic on your article, you have to cover local sports news first along with national and international news. 

Following topics you can cover on your sports news website:

  • Everything about sports
  • Cover International News for High CPC
  • Players Biography
  • Net Worth of Players
  • Game Results

You can Monetize your website through Adsense, Stock Brokerage Promotion, and App Referrals like Dream11, MPL, Paytm Games etc.

Politics News Websites

There are still many MLAs and MPs that haven’t their proper bio in Wikipedia. Initially, you can write articles on local leaders of every city. Example: scroll.com

You can cover the following topics in your Political News Websites:

  • Political News
  • Biographies

You can Monetize your Politics News Website through Adsense, Stock Brokerage Promotion, Amazon Affiliates, Political Campaigns, etc.

I know that it is not easy to get into News Website for an individual to cover and make articles and makes daily updates. But I shared these niche ideas for News Websites from which you can start easily and make money through it.

You can watch this video to understand in a better way and know how you can start blogging.

Disclaimer: This Article & Video is Just for educational purposes and does not have any intention to mislead or violate Google, Youtube community guidelines, and policy. I respect and follow all terms & conditions of Google & Youtube.

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