Holi 2022: Color will come out from face, hair and nails in a pinch, know easy trick to get rid of color

Everyone likes to play Holi. But after that the color which does not leave the body, due to which people are very upset. How to remove color from body, face, hair and nails after Holi, you will know in this article.

Everyone has also completed all the preparations for Holi. There is a lot of use of chemical colors and gulal on Holi. Nowadays, if the colors and gulal available in the market get on the face, hair or nails, then a lot of hard work has to be done to get rid of them.

The color of the face and face of some people is easily removed, but the color of some people does not come out. If those people try to remove that color with chemical shampoos and other things, then skin and hair can be damaged. If you are also one of those people who have planned to play Holi, but face, There is a concern about the color of hair and nails, so today we are telling some such methods, by adopting which you can easily remove the color from the face, hair and nails.

How to remove Holi color from body

People start scrubbing the skin to remove the color of Holi from the face and body, but this should never be done. By doing this, the color of the skin may go away, but it can cause a lot of damage to the skin. To remove the color of the face and skin, if you take a bath with bodywash or soap, then rub a little oil on the body.

This will not only help to even out the complexion but will also nourish your dry skin. If you do not want to use oil, you can also opt for a thickening cream or lotion. After this, when you wipe the body with a towel, you will see that the color has come in the towel.

How to remove Holi color from face

In addition to the above method, use a deep cleansing face wash to remove the color from the face and then use a moisturizer. If necessary, you can use the face mask the next day. If you are using oil on your body before playing Holi, you can also apply sunscreen over the oil to avoid deep tanning.

If you are adopting home remedies like a mixture of gram flour, curd and lemon to remove the complexion, then add one capsule of vitamin E to the mixture to keep the skin hydrated.

How to remove Holi color from hair

Shampoo your hair as soon as you play Holi. Two times shampoo may be needed to remove the color. Even though you are feeling tired, don’t skip applying conditioner because of laziness, as your hair needs extra hydration post Holi colours.

Apply hair serum after conditioner. It will repair the hair from the effects of sunlight and dryness caused by colours. To reduce hair fall, get a hair spa or use a deep conditioning mask at home.

How to remove Holi color from your nails

The best way to protect nails from Holi color can be that you apply transparent nail polish, which can be easily removed with nail polish remover after playing Holi.

If even after that the color does not go from the nails, then soak the nails in a tub of lukewarm water with almond oil or vinegar. This will remove the color of the nails. Along with this, do not apply anything on the nails for a few days.

Take special care of

If you have any itching or itching after playing Holi, then immediately consult a doctor. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, avoid playing Holi with firm colors or consult your dermatologist first and then play Holi. Contact a doctor for more information.

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