Best Passive Income Ideas 2022

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 

by Warren Buffett

Hello, guys if you want to live a life in which you don’t have to work for your Living but you set up a way where you can make money while you are sleeping.

In this post, I am going to share with you to best passive income ideas that will work from 2022 to the future.

You can choose any one or more ideas and implement them in your work life to make a second income stream

Rent out a Room

If you have a room or a house that you do not use often. You can list it on Airbnb. Airbnb is a platform where various house owner lists their property. Many people travel regularly but do not want to use hotels. They prefer to live in a house that gives them a feel of their home.

Listing your property in Airbnb will let you make money while you sleep.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you one of those people who helps their friends and relatives to choose products on eCommerce platforms? It can be anything like ok a toothpaste to a Sports Bike. If your friends always ask you for recommendations and suggestions of different products on the online Marketplace then you can make money out of it without any extra cost to your friend.

You can join different affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, Udemy and use affiliate links to refer your friends and relatives to the product they want and searching for.

Hold Stocks

Today buying stocks and investing in different companies is become very convenient due to many discount brokers which offer free account opening and maintenance charges.

Discount Broker like Zerodha, Upstox and Groww has made investing in stocks very simple. You can simply invest in companies that are fundamentally stongs, have future growth opportunities, and must be debt-free.

Holding Stocks for the long term can give you a return from 12% to 30% on your investment.

Brokers like Zerodha & Upstox charge account open fees and annual maintenance charges but You can Open your Account for FREE in Groww and if you use our referral link then you will get ₹100 in your account immediately.

Invest in Dividend Paying Stocks

Investing in different dividend-paying stocks will not only give you returns on it but also give you a passive income every year when the company pays dividends to their stockholders.

Create/Sell an Online Course

If you have teaching ability and like to explain complex things in a very easy and interesting way then you should create your own online course and sell it on the web.

It will be a one-time investment where you just have to create a course that you are an expert in and it will make you make while you sleep.

You can host your course on popular platforms like Udemy & Teachable where they will host your course and charge you a small commission on every purchase.

Sell an EBook

If you find it difficult to create an online course and if you like writing then you can make an ebook and sell it on your website or even on Amazon.


Running your blog will let you a handsome passive income every month. You are currently reading our blog which is set up on WordPress (a content management system).

Like us, you can also set and start your blog and make money through it. In Blogging, you can earn through various streams, i.e Ads (Adsense, Ezoic), Affiliate Marketing, Selling your digital products.

If you liked our website design and want to have a blog website like us then you can hire us to make your website. Fill out this contact us form to share your budget.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is not rocket science. You can start your youtube channel with just your smartphone. But to monetize it, you need self-motivation, consistency and quality videos (of course).

There are many creators who have started their YouTube channels but failed to maintained consistency. If you have that passion to stick with your channel and make regular videos, no one can stock you to have a successful YouTube Channel.

You can also earn before monetization from YouTube. Here are the top methods from which you can make money with low views and subscribers on Youtube.

Rent Out Your Car

If you have a car and you use it occasionally then you can rent your car on websites like

Rent out items you already have can make you a good passive income through it.

Sell Stock Photos

If you travel regularly to different cities and take photos of different places. You can sell your photos on websites like and where people pay for photos to use commercially on their website or videos.


I hope you liked these ideas and work on them. There are millions of ways to make passive income but the point is that which suits your lifestyle without affecting you.

Creating a new income stream from zero will be quite difficult but if you are already in that category then you can take advantage of it and stand out from the crowd.

We have started my blogs website. Some of them have done well while some have failed to get the audience and generate zero money for us. But all these have given us experience and knowledge that how things actually work.

So choose a niche in which you have an interest otherwise after some time you feel bored and exhausted and leave it.

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