5 Benefits of AR Body Tracking

Augmented Reality is a thrilling technology that has already been helping people in many ways. One of the ways it will help us over the next few years is by tracking our natural bodies and avatars in Augmented Reality (AR) devices. Augmented Reality is the next major thing in mobile technology. It is a way to improve life – simply by adding virtual details to the real world. With AR, you can add digital information to a real scene, making it more accurate, personalized, and interactive. This makes it more effortless for people to interact with the real world, like playing games or searching for information.

AR Body Tracking is so fun-loving and exciting; it unlocks the ability to wear imaginary digital garments or avatars that will mimic your movements. E-Commerce and fashion brands can use it to allow their users to try on an outfit virtually before clicking on “buy now”. Altogether, it can play a crucial role in AR user adoption and may even serve in the future as a foundation for solving many real-world problems.

AR includes full-body positional tracking through your smartphone’s camera. Once your body parts are tracked, AR graphics can be integrated into ways that follow your body movements.

AR Body Tracking is like the face tracking that’s become through different social media’s selfie lenses (i.e. dog ears, sunglasses, demon horns, cosmetics, etc.) but extended to your entire body. As you can imagine, this unlocks various additional AR use cases, utilities and benefits and various brand marketing opportunities.

While this AR Body Tracking functionality exists within an app-based setting on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Full-Body Tracking SDK by Geenee AR is the first time for the web which have AR try-on available. This try-on feature on the web makes it instantly accessible across platforms, through one click on a link or by scanning a QR code.

Here’s an inside look at some of the predicted benefits of AR technology and some insights as to why Geenee, a web AR focused startup, chose to prioritize full-body tracking as its final feature release of 2021.

1. Empathy will Skyrocket

While virtual reality (VR) programs have been in existence for decades, recent advances in AR technology have enabled immersive experiences to be experienced, including a wide variety of interactive experiences. As a development, there have been many talks lately about how AR and VR technologies will someday wholly change how we live our lives. Some feel VR will give us a unique experience, while others think it will bring power to developing countries.

2. Connections will mature

We can predict an enormous impact on our everyday lives as new technologies become available to us in the future. As it stands, we are quite literally living soon. The use of virtual and augmented reality technologies is only just being discovered, and the possibilities are endless. As these technologies become available and more widely used, the public must be aware of the potential benefits of these new technologies.

3. Freedom of Identity

As virtual and augmented reality technologies become available and more widely used, the public must be aware of the potential benefits of these new technologies. In a world where wearable digital devices are becoming more and more popular, AR Body Tracking will provide patients with the same information as a medical professional. Imagine a world where you will be able to track your health from the comfort of your own home.

4. A new era of innovation

AR Body Tracking is the new frontier of AR, and it’s more than just games. Architects are using augmented Reality to study their buildings. Designers are using it to create digital renderings of their creations. Many are using it to ensure their customers are getting what they paid for. With AR Body Tracking, you will be able to virtually visit the interior of your home and navigate it quickly and effortlessly.

5. Environmental Benefits of AR Body Tracking

Augmented Reality has been a hot topic lately because of the profound changes to our everyday lives. One of these changes is AR Body Tracking, which is predicted to be the next big thing in AR. AR Body Tracking is a wearable technology for monitoring our body using sensors and tracking devices embedded into our clothing to be aware of how we move. Tracking our bodies could significantly reduce gas sampling, production, shipping/returns, and buying.

In Summary, 

  • AR can solve the problems of the elderly, help people with disabilities, and otherwise enhance the human experience. 
  • It has the potential to become a revolutionary change in how the future looks at fashion and e-commerce. It will help revolutionize retail, fitness and fitness-tracking, and could even be used in surgical procedures. 
  • It will be revolutionary, and we will be the first to use it. By the way, it’s just a tease; its real power isn’t released yet.

AR Body Tracking could be the next major revolution in fashion, fitness and e-commerce.

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